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Full Surrender
The Key to Spiritual Success
by Dan Therrien

During one of my morning studies, a song registered in my head with the words, "God is on the move, on the move, hallelujah." Those words are so true and has been increasingly apparent in my life as my spirit is being awakened to some critical truths about living in the Spirit.

 When in a study by Arthur Burt, a man of God known as the prophet of love who died at age 102 on Valentines Day, he spoke on the topic of "Surrender - Your Key to Spiritual Success" I was then prompted to share some insights he brought to my attention, thanks be to God.

Most Christians are familiar with the song, "I Surrender All" and believe those words to be a desire of every Christian, but actually doing that is something we all struggle with.

What stops us from realizing that desire for total surrender, whether we realize it or not, is pride.

Most of us don't focus on pride or even think it's a problem and focus mainly on sin. We pray the Lord will help us overcome the sins in our life, be it lust, addictions, hatred, drunkenness, abuse etc.

The Lord showed me that this was the wrong approach, that sin, although a problem, does not touch at the core but is the result of a bigger issue.

Arthur Burt pointed out that if sin was a number in man, then righteousness is number one in God; if unbelief is number one in man, the faith is number one in God; but if neither of these is number one, then we have an entirely different order.

In reality, the glory of God, or credit due to Him, is number one. The faith of God is number two, and the righteousness of God is number three.

Similarly, the glory of man which is pride is number one; the unbelief of man is number two; and the sin of man is number three.

The book of Genesis bears this order out. When Satan first tempted Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he appealed to her pride, "In the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods." (Gen. 3:5)

Eve saw the tree was good for food and filled a desire to be wise. So her pride caused her to reject God's Word in unbelief and fall into sin.

The same is true in our life. We are never in sin without first being in unbelief; and we arrived in unbelief because of pride or self-glory in our heart, which caused us to become our own god by doing what we wanted to do and not what God wanted, thus we rejected God as God.

Sin always comes from unbelief. Unbelief is always the expression of pride or self-glory. Unbelief produces sin.

The scriptures make it very clear to who ALL glory belongs.

Isaiah 42:8 and 48:11 both state that God will not give His glory to anyone else. Romans 11:36 states, "For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things; to whom be glory forever."

What we often do not realize is when we have seemingly normal innocent conversations with people to share how our day went, it usually starts out with "I did this and I did that." God was never mentioned so in essence we were getting glory whether that was our intention or not.

That was a wakeup call for me as I try to walk with the Lord daily and let my actions show my heart as being a good Christian. But when just acting like a good Christian and our outer appearance is our focus, people see us as a good person which gives us the glory and not God so we must open our mouth to give credit where it truly belongs.

 Jesus, who operated in fullness, declares in John 5:30 & 14:10," I can of mine own self do nothing..., it is the Father that dwellest in me, He doest the works." John 16:13 states, "He shall speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear (from the Holy Spirit) that shall he speak.

So in essence, everything we do is because God gave us the power, the knowledge, skill and resources to achieve everything we do. All things are possible with God and without Him we can do nothing.

The only reason we are not operating like Jesus, which He said was possible, is because we are too filled up with ourselves.

God offers all His fullness to those who are prepared to offer Him all their emptiness. If we only give part of ourselves to God He will only entrust part of His blessings to us.

We must do all things as unto the Lord and give Him all the credit. Then and only then will we be able to truly walk in the fullness of the Spirit and experience the things we saw in the lives of Jesus and His apostles.

To God Be The Glory!!!