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Abounding Grace Ministries seeks to exalt or glorify God by discipling those who are committed to edifying one another, equipping faithful believers, and evangelizing unbelievers. We are dedicated to sharing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, educating people locally and globally in the Christian faith, conducting Christian worship, caring for and meeting the needs of people within and outside the church, and extending the message and mission of the church across the world as an outreach ministry to further the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Abounding Grace Ministries is open to any of the following ministries as the Lord directs and provides a way.

w Provide training in the Christian faith, including but not limited to the operation of churches.

w Use all media, including, but not limited to print, internet, television, and radio.

w Make donations for the public welfare or for religious, charitable or educational purposes.

w Sponsor and operate programs which provide social services to the community.

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Spreading the Gospel one house at a time


Arrange a Confidential Meeting in Your Home

Home Church LogoIf you live in or around St. Petersburg, Florida and are having difficulty dealing with any of life's struggles and would like to have a  meeting in your home contact Dan Therrien at 727-600-7793 or dptherrien@aol.com or Pam Therrien at 727-600-7814 or psmt45@aol.com.